"Let Us Grapple With Your Bouts"

Scoring with Bout Masters

Scoring a bout is one of the most important tasks in wrestling.

All of the information and direction you need is on our score sheet -

the following information is how you would score a bout using a

Triple J Bout Masters score sheet:

SCORE SHEET - (print and review this score sheet with the instructions below)

1. Check to make sure you have the correct wrestlers on the mat and that the red/green band is circled on the score sheet by each wrestler’s name.
2. Make sure that you circle the band color of the wrestler who scores the first point(s) at the top of the score sheet.

3. Record the scores, using the abbreviations and number(s) as shown in the area at the bottom of the score sheet.

4. At the beginning of the second and third periods circle the choice and position taken by each wrestler.

5. Make sure the scoring is placed in sequential order, as it happens, in the period block for the correct wrestler.

6. At the conclusion of each period total the score for only that period and place each wrestler’s score in the space provided for that period.

7. At the conclusion of the bout total the score from each period and place the total for each wrestler in the area provided for total score.

8. If a fall occurs do not total the score. Place the fall time in the area provided for the wrestler who scored the fall.

9. If a technical fall occurs place the tech fall time in the area provided for the winning wrestler and total the score for each wrestler and place that in the area provided.


10. If overtime is necessary total the score for the regular periods. Go to the area for overtime and continue scoring using the same format as described above for each of the regulation periods.

11. If an infraction ocurrs resulting in the loss of a team point(s) place that information in the space provided at the bottom of the score sheet.

12. Team score has no significance on this score sheet and should not be placed anywhere on the score sheet.

13. Make sure that the winning wrestler’s name is circled and that he/she signs the score sheet along with the referee.